Powerjack Systems: Hydraulic Power Jacks for Trailers and Equipment

The Powerjack System is a Rugged, Dependable, Hydraulic Trailer jack system that provides an easy method of hitching and unhitching the trailer, loaded or empty. Double R Industries Inc has brought you a jack tough enough to work in the extreme conditions found in the Oil Patch, the Construction and Utility Industries, and the Farm.  The Powerjack System’s unique design allows for not only a hydraulic lift for your trailer but a six position lock stand to hold your trailer in place when not in use, loaded or empty. The Powerjack System was originally equipped with a manual hand pump, which is still a good option today. The Powerjack is also available with either an Air Powered Hydraulic Pump or an Electric Power Unit.

The Powerjack System is available for trailers with up to 15,000 lbs of hitch weight or a trailer rated at 60,000 lbs with up to 25% of the weight allocated to the jacks.

Benefits of Powerjack Systems

  • Powerjack provides an answer to the bent, broken hard-to-operate trailer jacks
  • A powerful and easy to use hydraulic system
  • Designed as a heavy duty jack for midsize trailers and large farm equipment
  • Available in a dual jack design for stability and increased capacity
  • No drop leg adjustments needed
  • Available with either air/hydraulic, electric/hydraulic or hand pump configurations

Features of Powerjack Systems

  • 5000, and 7500 lb. capacities
  • Easily welded or bolted to the trailer/implement
  • Lock stand system stores trailer/implement at six different heights under no hydraulic pressure.
  • 3000 to 10,000 psi hydraulic systems
  • Redesigned foot plate for increased lift height and improved weight distribution
  • Can be added to most existing hydraulic systems